Network Operations
Geomagnetic K-indices Last 7 Days
Courtesy of Space Weather Prediction Center

DeKalb ARES operates a weekly training net on our primary frequency of 145.45 MHz (-) PL 107.2 at 8:00 p.m. local time on Sunday.

Other frequencies used by DeKalb ARES:

Alternate repeater = 146.76 MHz (-) 107.2 PL

Simplex operations = 146.46 MHz

We also encourage General Class licensees and above to check-in to the GA ARES net each Sunday at 22:00 GMT on 3.975 MHz LSB

The first Sunday of each month is designated at Emergency Power day when we like to have our members check-in using their emergency power supply to verify its performance. This test of our emergency power capability demonstrates our readiness to support our served agencies in a time of commercial power loss.

Also on the first Sunday, we check in to the Metro Atlanta ARES Net on the 146.805 (+) (PL 100.0) repeater located in Jasper, GA. Hams from all over the Metro Atlanta area are invited to check in when their county is called.

DeKalb ARES repeater facilities courtesy of the Alford Memorial Radio Club

Frequencies used by nearby ARES groups

Area ARES Frequencies Freq Notes Enc/Dec* ARES Net Schedule
Atlanta Skywarn (W4DOC) 146.820- PL 146.2 ED As Needed
Metro Atlanta ARES Net (WX4NWS) 145.430- PL 107.2 ED 1st Sunday of Month at 1600 ET
City of Atlanta ARES (W4DOC) 146.820- PL 146.2 ED Monday 2000 ET
Gwinnett County ARES (W4GR) 147.075+ PL 82.5 ED Monday 2030 ET
North Fulton County ARES (NF4GA) 147.060+ PL 100.0 E Sunday 2030 ET
Clayton/Henry County ARES (KJ4KPY) 145.170- PL 146.2 E Monday 2100 ET
Rockdale County ARES (KF4GHF) 147.210+ PL 162.2 ED
Newton County ARES (WA4ASI) 146.925- PL 88.5 ED Thursday 2000 ET
Butts County ARES (WX4BCA) 147.285+ PL 131.8 E Sunday 2130 UTC

* Enc/Dec - E indicates PL encode is required for access. D indicates that the repeater transmits tone and Tone Squelch may be used.

Operator Schedule

You can download the script for network operations here.

WINLINK RMS packet station

Check out the internet connected Winlink RMS Packet Station (KJ4QFY-10) located at the DeKalb Fire/Rescue Headquarters building in Tucker, GA. We have Internet connectivity to allow handling message into/out of the worldwide e-mail system. If you have any question about how to set up your station, please contact Steve Garrison (n4tty at ARRL dot net) for assistance. It is NOW on 145.59 MHz and uses callsign KJ4QFY-10.

New Operating Frequency

We have moved the operating frequency for the packet station from 145.03 to 145.59 to match the new area wide packet frequency assignment. This move will allow us to join with Gwinnett ARES to pass packet traffic.

Build a J-Pole Antenna

For more information about how to build a J-Pole antenna you can go to this site: